What Are We About?

The UnkindBrotherhood is a not for profit1 group of social media content creators. We are always looking for new members to grow with us so feel free to contact us using the button above or by emailing: lynx@unkindbrotherhood.com or jolt@unkindbrotherhood.com We strive to grow as a community across all social media platforms, we do this by supporting our members with: Sponsors, Affiliate Links, equipment and commissions on sales they provide to our store.

Membership not your style?

We also do temporary contracts as well for voice overs, voice acting and various other tasks, do you have what it takes?

*Temporary Contracts are generally unpaid collaboration works, however there may be times where you'll be paid

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1The group itself is not for profit, this excludes members within. The group takes no money for profit or gain, however members within earn money via numerous and ethical pathways.